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Interview Preparation for Senior School

Interview Preparation for Senior School


Inside this e-book you’ll find our top advice on preparing your child for an 11+. 13+ or scholarship interview and further tips to help you through the entry process into a grammar or independent senior school. The contents are as follows:

  1. Key aspects of the entry assessment process
  2. Stating the obvious
  3. Top tips for answering questions in 11+, 13+ and scholarship interviews
  4. Additional practice questions for 11+ and 13+ entry assessments and pre-tests
  5. Little last minute interview tips
  6. Study Skills for exam prep and revision -encouraging best practice
  7. Exam skills and type or timing of assessments
  8. Reading Is crucial
  9. Some book suggestions for 9 to 14 year olds
  10. Coping with the stress of the 11+ or pre-assessment process at home
  11. Where can you get practice tests and other useful resources?

If you are looking for interview practice or a more hands-on approach to helping your child prepare for an interview, our consultants can help. Our consultancy packages are tailored to suit your needs and designed to deliver long term solutions to your education problems. Starting from £199 + VAT – find out more about interview preparation and practice with our consultants here.