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Applying for Sixth Form

Applying for Sixth Form


A digital guide on the sixth form application process. This 30 page e-book covers a range of topics including how and when to apply, whether to move school for sixth form, state or independent, how to make subject choices for A level or IB diploma, what curriculum to choose, how to prepare for interviews and entry exams, and accepting your offer. Also includes a sixth form edition of ‘Questions to ask on a school visit’ as well as interview practice questions.

Excerpt from the book:

With the introduction of compulsory education until the age of 18, as well as a re-vamp of the A Level examination agenda, there are an increasing number of options emerging for both schooling and qualifications in the sixth form.

Whether considering a move from day to boarding school, single sex to co-ed, independent to state school or vice versa, Sixth Form College, University Technical College (UTC) or considering an Apprenticeship, the variety of choice for post 16 education can make decisions for both teenagers and parents tricky.

This booklet contains a step-by-step guide for both parents and teenagers with the aim of supporting the decision making process, helping with research, applications and assessments, as relevant.

Below are some key questions to ask when starting your sixth form choices research

  • Why do you want to move school and what are the pros and cons?
  • If you have decided to move, what type of school or college suits you?
  • What type of qualifications will best suit your strengths and interests?
  • What subjects are you passionate about?
  • What career plans do you have?
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