Personal statement review service

Sometimes parents and teenagers, in tandem with support from their school, feel they can handle most of the UCAS application themselves. However it us usually when they get around to coming up with the personal statement draft and proof reading it which presents the biggest challenge. Schools do a great job with this, but often with 100’s of students to advise in each academic cohort, access to a great deal of time for your teenager is perhaps unrealistic. Working in tandem with the school to give your teenager a head-start is where our team of consultants can make a real difference.

For this reason, our personal statement framework and review of draft service offers access to support from one of our consultants with just this element of the UCAS application.

Whatever your choice of course or university preferences, this can be a very cost-effective solution to the writers block which often occurs when writing personal statements. In this way parents can secure advice from one of our consultants, in a very targeted and specific way.

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