Mentoring service for tricky school-age teenagers

We are often contacted by parents whose teengers are facing tricky times at school.

Some examples of recent sitautions where we have offered advice and support are:

  • Teenageers who are struggling to settle into boarding life.
  • Those who are faced with handling difficult peer relationships.
  • Teenagers finding it tricky to give adequate focus and attention to their studies for GCSE, A Level or IB.
  • Those struggling to set and achieve academic goals.
  • Teenagers teetering on the edge of suspension or expulsion from school.

For parents facing these situations, home can become a place of confrontation and worry, not knowing where to turn for advice. Often the first reaction is to look towards a move of school. However in our experience, getting to the bottom of what is going wrong and why is often a better long-term solution for all. Moving school should be the last decision, after investigation, consideration and thought has been given to all the options.

Our team of education consultants offers an experienced support system to assist teenagers and their parents in finding the right long-term solution. Through our termly mentoring service, we help families in the following ways:

  • Set up regular Skype or face-to-face mentoring sessions with teenagers to set goals, discuss how things are going at school and suggest solutions to any issues of concern.
  • Feedback to parents if lines of communication are tricky, acting as an independent, listening ear.
  • Support teenagers with planning study and revision schedules.
  • Support teenagers with goal setting in all areas of school life – acadmeic, social and behaviour.
  • Communicate with school key staff such as Houseparents and tutors to investigate and find solutions to issues, adding an independent, mediatory element to the support structure surrounding the teenager.
  • Discuss potential careers, university and sixth form opportunities to give a purpose to education and hence motivate towards achieving more.
  • Advise parents on alternatives to the current school including sixth form colleges, should this turn out to be the best solution. Often reviewing alternatives to the current school can be the best motivator to stay where they are!

When it comes to mentoring, the needs and aims of each family are different. If you feel this service could be useful to you, please get in touch for an informal, confidential chat about your situation so we can discuss how one of our team of experienced consultants can help.

Parents in these situations often feel lonely as it can be tricky to share the difficulties you are facing with friends or relatives. We are good listeners, so I reassure you, you are not alone. Chances are whatever your concern, our consultants will have seen it all before and hence will support you in finding the right way forward for the family as a whole.

For an informal, confidential discussion about your individual requirements, please contact us.

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