Interview preparation for UK day and boarding schools

Identifying their strengths and having the confidence to talk to adults about them, coming across as confident, but not arrogant, can be tricky for youngsters who are faced with an interview for entry to UK day or boarding schools at age 11 or 13.

Likewise, the interview process for sixth form entry at age 16 can be challenging for those who, though academically talented, struggle with how to convey their wider contribution to the school community.

Music, sport, drama, The Arts, community service, leadership, commitment to house activity – it is essential that candidates convey their full contribution and commitment to school life as a whole.

From arranging one-off practice interview sessions either face-to-face or by Skype, to inclusive packages where we work with youngsters over several weeks to help them to prepare for that all-important interview, we have a range of bespoke consultancy services to prepare your child or teenager.

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