Expat and International – interview preparation for UK boarding schools

If your child is currently studying at a British international school overseas, you may be feeling a lack of support when it comes to preparing your child for their entry exams and interview for a UK boarding school. After all, why would your current  school advise and support you, as they do not want to lose you?

While international school Heads tend to be fantastic in their delivery of British education within your current international school setting overseas, they are often out of touch with the developments in boarding schools back in the UK, so their knowledge about these schools and their entry process is often out-of date.

We find this often leaves expat or international parents feeling at a loss at where to find the right up-to-date consultant, to support them and their child during the boarding school entry and application process.

Our team of independent education consultant experts has the solution by offering expat and international parents support and guidance in preparing their child for entry interviews.

Children are so used to using technology, these interview coaching and practise sessions are delivered very successfully via Skype whilst your child is overseas. Alternatively, they can also be delivered face-to-face while you are visiting the UK. Whether you juts need a one-off practise interview session to polish them up juts before teh interview, or an inclusive package of several session delviered over a few weeks, we will be able to help you.

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