Academic Mentoring Service

For a whole variety of reasons, making the most of their time at school proves to be quite a challenge for some teenagers. In these situations, parents often feel at a loss as to how to offer the right kind of advice and support in the right way, often leading to confrontation.

In these types of situations, often the advice from one of our consultants can go a long way towards getting the teenager back on track.

Our academic mentoring service involves regular Skype or face-to-face meetings between one of our consultants and your teenager throughout the term, to assist them by setting academic goals, offering advice, suggesting solutions and encouraging the right choices. We also help to facilitate effective communication between school and home when relationships are breaking down.

Elements of academic mentoring include:

  • Timetable discussion – what is required and when.
  • Time management training – how to effectively prioritise your study time.
  • How to effectively track and monitor your work-setting attainment goals in bite-size chunks.
  • Preparing for assignments.
  • How to use tutors effectively.
  • Effective non-confrontational communication skills.
  • Setting expectations for behaviour.
  • How to get effective feedback on assignments.
  • Working and living with peers – social interaction, teamwork.
  • Results measurement and tracking – what grades will you need to get in which assignments/modules.
  • Praise, reward and encouragement-celebrating reaching goals.
  • Liaising with the school if required.

General Lifestyle Management:

  • Effective Life balance: study vs. social life, fitness etc.
  • Making the most of school, particularly for those who are boarding i.e. Sporting opportunities, music, drama, pastoral support services, careers advisers.
  • Healthy eating: discussion on typical meals, suggestions for improvements-brain food!
  • Effectively preparing for study in the holidays.

Mentoring Deliverables

  • An email summary of goals/objectives for next period is written and emailed to the student after each Skype session.
  • Students are encouraged to ring and share highlights and concerns outside of planned Skype calls.
  • Feedback from consultant to parents if concerns come to light.

For an informal discussion about your individual requirements, please contact us.

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