A Level results not gone your way…pick up the phone and sell yourself

When there is a risk that A Level results might not have gone your way and grade offers  for that university place in the autumn wont be attained-what can be done to prepare, so your teenager is not put off if their grades have slipped slightly.

In this event, the single most important piece of advice is to act swiftly and pick up the phone. It is second nature for a parent to want to put things right for their offspring, but in this instance, stand back and let your teenager make the calls.

Universities with places to fill will be looking for motivated, enthusiastic students who demonstrate an ability to live and study away from home. An anxious parent is not who they want to hear from, rather a keen teenager who can show they are not put off by a bit of grade slippage and can express why they still really want to study that course at their university. A bit of preparation and practice in advance of results day will help.

Gather all the paperwork and course prospectuses together now and have admissions contact numbers ready.

Re-read the course structure and modular content, to appear enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the parts of the course that appeal to you.

Consider why you chose that university in particular and what you have to offer by way of getting involved within the university community. Sport, The Arts, volunteering, work experience abroad-university is all about new experiences and broadening your horizons.

Texting, social media and email mean today’s teenagers don’t often talk on the phone, so doing a few mock conversations with tips on how to appear confident, concise and credible will help.

Good Luck.