Japan – The Watanabe Office

The Watanabe Office have been supporting Japanese families with their boarding school applications and guardianship services for the past 30 years. Over 750 of Japanese children have successfully navigated their UK boarding school careers under the careful guidance of Mrs Kazuko Watanabe and her professional staff team based in Tokyo.

The Watanabe Office is well-known for its strong customer service, prioritising the best interest of the children and offering appropriate guidance delivered by a highly professional staff team. This includes an extensive programme of parent seminars and events promoting British Education in Japan, as well as a broad client base and range of services within all Japanese parent markets, including children currently in Japanese schools, as well as those studying at British international schools as preparation for applying to UK schools. As a testament to their excellent reputation, many parents come to The Watanabe office for advice and support through word of mouth recommendations.

The Independent Education Consultants works as the UK-based associate consultant partner, communicating with schools and offering accompaniment for parents when they are in the UK.

For more details about how we work in partnership with The Watanabe Office to support parents from Japan, please contact Mrs Kazuko Watanabe via the details below:

Phone: +81-3-3336-0591

Email: info@woffice.jp

Website: www.woffice.jp