Philip Hallworth

PCH imageExpert on supporting parents with choosing the right independent boarding school at all ages and stages of education. Philip also offers support with preparing your child to attend your chosen short-list of schools for their entry interviews.

Philip was a teacher for 35 years, for the most part at a large independent, co-educational boarding school in Bristol. He held the position of Director of Admissions there for 20 years, was Head of Geography for 10 years and a boarding house parent for 8 years. He is therefore very well experienced in all aspects of boarding school life, and in particular is sympathetic to the anxieties international parents and pupils have in the process of selecting, applying for and then joining a school in the UK.

Philip has a deep understanding of the admissions and selection process to independent schools. He has administered interviews and entry tests for hundreds of UK and international candidates over the years, so he is particularly well placed to advise and assist families on these matters.

He is a strong believer in fitting the right child to the right school. With his long experience of working in the independent sector, and his knowledge of the different characteristics and ‘personalities’ of many schools in the UK, he is more than adequately qualified to advise families on school selection and to guide them through what can sometime seem to be a daunting process! He is also well known to the Admissions staff in many boarding schools.

Philip joined The Independent Education Consultants as an Associate Consultant in June 2015.

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