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'Our support is designed to take the stress out of higher education decision making, by building on careers guidance and research done in school.'

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'Our team of expert boarding school consultants understand that research into choosing the right boarding school can be a very confusing and daunting process for many parents living overseas.'

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What OUR services offer parents is all in our name…..


Our team of experienced experts share the same core values. Independence is critical to us in delivering quality advice. Hence, we see our role as that of passing on impartial advice to parents enabling them to make confident, informed, objective decisions about the right school, university and all things in-between.

We are rare in the education advisory field in that we do not have commission arrangements in place with schools. To us, independent means seeking no financial reward for referring parents to particular schools.


Our diverse team of British education experts offers parents from both the UK and Worldwide advice in all areas of education. Following our timeline of education decisions, we offer parents support and guidance with making the right choices at all stages of education. Often we work with a family over several years, offering step-by-step support as each important education decision approaches.


We are education consultants, not agents. Though we value very highly our close working relationships with 100’s of British schools and Universities, maintaining a busy programme of year-round school and university visits to keep our knowledge up to date, parents are always our priority when it comes to advice.

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Whether you need to consult us face-to-face, by telephone or Skype, need a package covering all aspects of applying to a UK school or University, or just need to read a few free tips from our blog, we can help you.

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